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    I'm selling my 2002 Honda 919 for $2500. Located in Winter Haven, FL 33884 ******45 minutes SW of Orlando****** It has 28k miles Clear title in hand List of replaced parts last year: battery- Yuasa spark plugs-NGK tires- (front)Dunlop Qualifier(rear)Dunlop Roadsmart Oil & oil...
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    Cleaning out my garage and came across this little gem. its from a cbr600 front axle has nut and only has one spacer but if memory serves you can use your 9er spacers as long as your running stock wheels. Less unsprung weight is the idea here. 20 bucks plus shipping
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    Let me know if you have one and how much you want. I will pay for it, shipping and cover your PayPal fees. Thank you.
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    Stock header and Y pipe off my old 9er had 5k on it when removed no dents ect great used condition $75 plus shipping both pieces.
  5. Mechanical and Technical
    so, forgive, I am not new to bikes....but new to this 919. I swapped out the PO's short renthal bars, for some wider pro taper bars. Now, I know some people say they dont like wide bars because of increased steering sensitivity....but this happens even when I let go of the bars. going down...
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    I have a bad knee and after about a half hour my knee starts to get stiff and the ride becomes increasing less enjoyable. Most people say to get Motovation sliders and kick them up on there, but they seem to be mounted pretty high. I know SW Motek offers crash bars with the option of highway...
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    Alright guys so I finally found a gentle man who is interested in trading his Honda 919 for my CBR 600RR. Now a lot of you guys might be wondering why I am doing this trade. First of all is insurance. The 600rr is a sweet bike. But I only have liability. I would love to have full coverage but...
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    Does anyone have some OEM 919 handlebars laying around they would like to get rid of? :) PM me with how much you would have to have for them and we'll go from there! Thanks! -Matt
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    WTB: OEM 919 mirror Some one knock my 919 over. Need a 919 OEM mirror. Let me know what you have and how much. Shipped to 32934. Thanks
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    I want to get my frame powder coated and thought it might be nice to have an extra frame around to speed up turnaround.
  11. Naked Bikes
    I just dropped my paint set off to go Mustang GT performance white. I have an '07 919 with a lot of black on it. Exhaust, shields, bars, aluminum sidepieces etc. What would be a good looking black tank pad to go with? Unrelated, but what is the best kit to do the red stripes around my black...
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    Hey guys just wanted to check in and say hi. Just bought my second 919 the first one was about 8 years ago put 17,000 miles on her I loved that bike but had to try others have only had 2 bike since a Superhawk and a 02 RC51. My current bike I have along side the 919 is a 2008 xr650L I just had...
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    I'm here in Colorado on biz. Around 6 PM near Colfax / 6/I70 area I saw a really nice red 919 with stainless slips-ons being ridden. If that bike is a Wristtwister, the McTavish McRomo from Calgary says hi and I saw you !
  14. Mechanical and Technical
    Hey all, I have always been a fan of naked bikes. I had a modern Bonneville and it just wasn’t sporty enough so I sold it and bought an 02 Honda 919. It was between the ZRX and the 919 but I think the 919 fits my experience level right now. After putting on about 300 miles this weekend...
  15. Naked Bikes
    Today I changed my oil and made the switch to Amsoil and a Mobil1 filter. Should be a good combo to help the 9'r last for many many more miles. Anybody else running Amsoil?
  16. Aftermarket
    Hey Guys, finished installing my new clutch on my 919 today. Ordered the clutch on ebay for $80 shipped, came with springs and friction plates. Used the original drive discs, they weren't bad (Not that I knew that when I ordered the kit lol). Install was very straight forward; disconnect...
  17. Naked Bikes
    Anyone know the dimensions between the center of the fork holes in the yokes and the distance between fork holes and steering stem?
  18. Mechanical and Technical
    Hi Guys. :hello: Trying to determine whether or not, a CBR600F4I top triple clamp, will swap out with the OEM 919 top clamp. Looking at all of the great "Fat Bar" options out there, but the 7/8" risers really limit what'll work. I'm considering a Renthal Riser and Bar kit, but I 'd don't...
  19. Motorcycle Discussion
    Hello, I am open to the idea of getting an aftermarket exhaust for my 2007 919, however I really like the stainless steel heat shields built in to the stock exhaust. Not only do I like the look, but on the occasion where I give a passenger a ride it gives me comfort to know if they...
  20. Mechanical and Technical
    Kind of a doublepost since I put this in my introduction thread. Anyway: Been looking into a home made radar detector handlebar mount. Tried googling a DIY one for a bike but no luck, and not willing to shell out big money for a proper one. Here is what I have come up with: Using this...