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Shadow VT500c
This bike was built out of the good parts of 3 parts bikes. It needs some help, but is running and has been for severla weeks on a daily basis. The cooling fan doesn't work right so we have it directly wired to the battery using a basic electrical switch. Tires are dry rotting. A new rear tire has been purchased but not installed yet. Has aftermarket handlebars that resemble dirt bike bars. Rear turn signals only. This bike and the two other parts bikes came from a guy on the west side whose house had burned and he was selling everything that was left. None ran when we bought them for $600 total for all three bikes. Cisco currently rides this bike as his main transportation even though he has no license, insurance, registration, or even a title in my name. If it's not paid for by the time I get a title, I will sell it to the first buyer with cash in his hand. I would guess a value of around $1250 - $1500 would be close. If Cisco buys it, I promised to sell it to him for $400 so I would take a considerable loss.
1984 Honda Shadow VT500c (Black/Chrome)



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