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Rebel 250
Black/Metallic green
Bought this one about 6 months ago. Seller sold it to me with a bad crankshaft and then left the state. I have replaced the entire motor with a good running 250 motor that I had shipped from Florida. Tank and both fenders have been freshly painted. This entire bike has been apart, cleaned, repaired, and re-installed. It's been completely rebuilt. Front tire is bald and not safe to ride on at present. I still haven't got a clear title for it. Hoping to do that within the next few days. Engine runs strong but it may need a clutch soon. I have a lot of money into this one and I may take a loss in the long run. Thanks Kevin!! You suck! Carbs have been rebuilt and synced. Side panels have been replaced with new ones. Flashers are new. Motor mounts are new. Air box is new. Oil filter and oil are new. Air filter element is new. Seats are new. One of the foot pegs was replaced (passenger). Battery is new. Rear shocks are new.
2001 Honda Rebel 250 (Black/Metallic green)



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