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Cadmium Yellow
A few years ago when me and my then girlfriend were talking about marriage she said something to the affect of "If we ever get engaged don't buy me an outrageously expensive ring... buy me a decent ring and a new motorcycle." How could I say no?? (She already had a 2006 Honda 599 so I already knew she was a keeper) Flash forward a few years and a "decent" ring later I had to make good on my promise of a new motorcycle. I had been interested in the FZ09 since it debuted and that led me to look at the FZ07 for my wife. Long story short (Yes, I know.. too late for that) I bought her a new 2016 FZ07 in April of this year (We were married 12/31/15 so I am only a few months late right??).
But as I was at the dealer buying her the FZ07 my sales guy, who has known I've been wanting an 09, keeps trying to get me to buy the 2015 model they still had. $1000 bucks off MSRP he tells me. All the while I'm thinking "No way... my wife would kill me if I came home with a new bike for me when I was supposed to be getting her one." I resisted the urge for my young marriage's sake and held off. But after a month and 600 miles on my wife's bike I had to go back to the dealer and get some oil. And the bike was still there. And now $1200 off MSRP.

In the end it was my wife that convinced me to get it.
2015 Yamaha FZ09 (Cadmium Yellow)



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