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knicholas 04-10-2017 03:24 PM

CB 919 OEM Seat
Hello all!

I'm looking for a 919 OEM seat - might anyone have one they'd like to sell?


NightHawkeye 04-13-2017 02:51 AM

Hi knicholas

I've got an OEM four-hook seat that I took off my 2005 9'er after approximately 7,000 miles. I could never go more than 45 minutes on it without having to stop and walk around a few minutes, figured it was because I'm old and don't have as much padding on my keester as I did when I was younger. Lucked out and found a badly trashed '05 seat on craigslist for $40 and decided to gut it and rebuild it with new foam and a gel pad to my own personal specifications. It took me way more hours (and dollars) over a couple of months of experimentation and reupholstering "adjustments" than I would care to admit, but I couldn't be happier with the finished product. I can now ride all day on it, and you would be hard pressed to notice the differences between my seat and those on any 9'ers I might be parked next to. And I learned a lot about upholstering in the process... like, don't drink and upholster, especially when carving expensive multiple density foam types!

At any rate, I've still got the original seat that I have been saving for a few years as a back-up, or for the track days I never got around to taking. It's in good shape, with no tears, wrinkles, or obvious wear. Still looks new on the bike, though when you flip it over you can see where it was beginning to wear at the pressure points of the widest part of the bottom of the seat pan. If you are interested, I would be willing to part with it for $150, with you covering whichever form of shipping you prefer. I checked Ebay for comparables, and could only find one OEM seat available, a duct tape nightmare for $125. My price seems fair, and I really don't want to part with my back up for less. Send me a PM with your location and shipping preferences if you want to follow up, or if you are merely intrigued and want to see photos, provide me with an email address and I will try and accommodate you as soon as I am able.

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