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Weird 919 clutch problem ...

Hi guys,

Don't know if any of you can help .. I'm based over in London, UK.

I own a 2002 919 with about 24k miles on, recently the clutch started to slip if you really gave it some, like on an overtake or just riding it hard etc ...

I pondered whether to put it into a Honda Main Dealer or a small independent, choosing the latter cos it was cheaper, I liked their outfit, liked the guys there etc.

They sticks a new clutch in, and my mate picked it up for me .. he used it that afternoon and reckoned that the clutch was all wrong and even when you had the clutch right in, the bike was wanting to creep forwards ... BUT IT ONLY DOES THIS WHEN HOT.

I thinks ok, I'll take it back there ... which I did, they checks it, replaces the internediate (?) plate and says all is fine (and it seemed fine when I rode it there etc) ...

I used it do ride about 50 miles across London yesterday, through busy city traffic etc .. and when the thing gets hot it's dangerous!!

There I was, at the front of the traffic lights (between a lorry and a bus) and the thing was creeping forward like no-ones business .. foccing dangerous!

Anyway, not wanting to stall / get stuck between them two I jumped the red light and crept into the side of the road ... left the thing 20 minutes and it all seems fine .. although when it gets hot again it does the exact same thing ...

Sorry this has been a bit longwinded but I'm gonna take it back to the bikeshop on Monday and wondered if you guys had any ideas?

Thanks in advance ...

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The only other thing I can think of, beside the obvious clutch/plate problem would be:
Clutch cable out of adjustment or sticking.
Clutch cable out of adjustment due to a bar change.
Oil type/level/age.

Good luck to you.

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I am sure you know the clutch components are expanding as they get warm. I would look into the adjustments as HondaJim suggested. Just be sure to adjust it, or have the shop adjust it when warm to avoid being in the same position.

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Does your 919 creep forward with clutch engaged or disengaged?

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make a routine to put it in neutral if you know you gotta wait, holdin it in heats it up.

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Sure sounds like the clutch lever needs adjusting. I wouldn't have thought that a shop would miss something this simple though.

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Let's start at the beginning -- the clutch was slipping for a reason: what was it? When it was replaced, did they just do the friction discs, or the plain steel pressure plates as well? If the clutch was slipping for a while, the pressure plates usually overheat and warp either in the fashion of a dinner plate (laid on a flat surface, the inner or outer diameter will touch but the other will stand proud), or in the manner of a potato crisp, in which case it will not be remotely flat. If they were inadequately inspected, or just reinstalled with new friction discs, this will cause either dragging or slipping and due to the nature of warped components (the warp gets more pronounced as they heat, and since dragging at a light produces prodigious amounts of heat, eventually the plates are so warped as to lock up the clutch altogether), it will not get better until the problem is addressed. As for replacing an "intermediate plate", I have no idea what they are talking about, and it sounds like they just overadjusted the lever in hopes it would make you go away. The next time you take it back insist on being present when it's torn down and witness the inspection of every component -- this makes them more likely to find the problem and correct it. Pay careful attention to the order in which the plates are stacked as well: starting from the outside, there should be a single friction disc, usually marked with green paint, which engages narrow slots in the outer basket. All other friction discs engage the main deep slots in the basket, with the last one having a slightly larger inner diameter to clear the "judder spring" Belville (cupped) washer and flat seat. All the plain pressure plates should look the same, and may look somewhat blue from heat. Check these carefully for warpage, and replace all of them if in doubt. Hopefully, this and an oil change will take care of your problem.


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as usual rob, great post. the problem is some human being, not honda. probably the outer friction not in the correct slot.

i don't get people. probably cuz i aren't one. taking the clutch apart on a niner is all of 20 minutes and requires about 2 tools. schematics all over the internet. why would you bother "blogging" and taking it to shops when it is so EASILY checked by unskilled labor? you are missing the beauty of biking if you are cheating yourself out of the Zen of Motorcycle Maintenance. get in there ! make it right ! learn in the process, and take pride in your education !

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When I hold in the clutch all the way at a stop light and rev my motor above halfway, it creeps forward a little bit. It's always done that.

2 > 4
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I'd look at the cable adjustment & oil first. If someone at the shop decided to take sandpaper to a reaction plate it can stick also. Besides marks clearly there from the beginning they should look smooth/uniform.

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