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Tire wear question

How far did all of you let your tires wear before you had them replaced? My rear tire has had a flat spot in the middle for a while now and I'm wondering how much more mileage I have with it... I've been looking into replacing them with Dunlop Roadsmarts. They've got about 5700 miles on them right now (the stock tires)...

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I have a personal issue with tyre wear. When it reaches about half worn, I take great note of every little movement it makes and as soon as I think it's beginning to act eratically, I change it/them.

This comes from my former love of Michelin tyres way back when. No matter which particular Michelin tyre I tried, I found they would have a personality change about halfway through its wear life, and on more than one ocassion I had the bike trying to step-out from underneath me mid corner and leaning reasonably well over,, which used to make me almost soil my pants on the spot. Man I grew to hate Michelins for this. I changed to other brands and they also had their own personalities but none were like Michelins and I have never gone back to them. For a while I loved Metzelers, then Dunlops, now Bridgestones. I like tyres which begin to slide and let you know they are starting to wear down, but the one constant thing is that I notice this "change of personality" in just about every tyre I ever used and about halfway through its wear,, with the single exception of the standard tyre which came on the VTR-1000, which was a Dunlop something. To be honest, it was not the best all-round tyre but I loved it. I knew it was getting closer to its "use by" date though, simply because of the fact that in the 10 months I had them on, they were taking longer to warm up over the months and especially from that magic half worn state onward.

Many people may disagree with me but I trust tyres in the first half of their tread depth, then begin to take particular note of their behaviour from there on in. Mind you, if a brand new tyre slipped and slid all over the raod from day one - out it would go too.

In short,, it really depends on just how far you are willing to let it go. I am a firm believer in thinking that tyres go OFF each time you ride on them, warming up then cooling down,, they slowly cook themselves over their lifetime and simply cure to the point of worry,, sometimes. Probably the best way to get the best performance out of any tyre is to ride them just the once until they are worn out then replace them. But, that's a really impractical way of looking at it, and you could be in for some extremely long rides - Hahahaha... The worst way to use a tyre is to go for short rides once a month, maybe 20 - 50 miles or thereabouts, thereby heating the tyres up enough, then letting them cool off again without using the heat for long enough to get stickiness vs distance covered.

I go by feel and NOT wear. I have learned in the past, not to put your lifes trust in a few millimtres of rubber. The idea is to stay upright and not to - like I have done - skid on your butt down the road beause of misplaced trust in the black round things beneath you......

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When you see the cords popping out of the tire you need a new one. I won't run that long on the front one, but rear, why not?

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Well written CeeBee! I agree about not trusting your life to a few remaining thousandths of rubber. As far a running a tire till the cords show, how much is your life worth? I know mine is worth at least the hundred and a half that a new tire cost, ain't yours?
Kinda goes back to the old saying about how much someone should pay for a helmet, Wear a ten dollar helmet if you have a ten dollar head.
Replace your tires if your starting to have your doubts. At least use this time to start hunting for the best prices on new rubber.

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I think I trust my tires all the way to the point I change them. I am very in tune with my bike and when my bike gives me feedback, I pay attention. As my tires wear, some have slipped a bit (Dunlop 207s and 208s) and some have gotten stickier (Pirelli Diablo Corsas).

I do not like to run my tires to the point I have to consider if my tire will last an entire ride. For me I like to make trips in excess of 1000 miles in a weekend from time to time. If I get to the point i wonder if my tires will survive a trip like that, new ones are ordered.

I agree confidence in your tires is very important, however confidence in yourself is equally as important. My confidence is in reading the feedback my bike gives me. I ride fairly agressive. If the bike slips a little bit and there is still tread, what is the harm in backing down a bit and getting another 1000 miles out of them? None in my opinion.

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I ran mine down past the wear markers this time, don't normally do that but I didn't have the coinage for new skins, I put the Roadsmarts on yesterday and all I can say is I Love new tires, they ride so much smoother than the worn out Michelins.
I would also like to take this time to put in a HUGE pitch for the Ariete 90degree valve stems, checking pressures this a:m was sooooooooooo much easier.


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I think it comes down to your comfort level with the tires traction.


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agreed, with the slick rear and the cupped front Michelins the bike deffinately was sliding through corners more than I liked.


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i changed my bridgstones (thay were new on the bike) at aboute 4000 i could feel the bike not wanting to turn so good and it felt a bit unstable in the corners probably due to the big flat spot in middle of back tyre

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I've seen and ridden with guys who have had the tyres so worn that the belted chords have been exposed, and they could still outbrake and outcorner me on any day. It just seems to be my destiny to not be able to get away with such acts,, because when I had tried such things I payed for it, in skin and bone...

What I was stating about the change of characteristic in a tyres behaviour is just a personal observation and its most likely just my slight lack of confidence which inspires me to act cautiously when I notice it. I'll never really know just what mileage a tyre is capable of because of this, but on the flip side of the coin, I don't go out and buy the most expensive/,most sticky tyres available simply because I will never use that tyre to anywhere near its potential - more commonly thought of as a waste of money to me... Even if I went and bought these new Pirelli whats-its (can't remember the name), you know, the new super duper sticky ones that just came out in recent times,, they would more than likely go to waste on my bikes because I don't ride every day and my bikes thesedays can sit in the garage for a month or two at a time...

With the Dunlops I loved so much on the VTR I mentioned in my above reply.... the carcasses sat around for the past 12 months and just recntly I through them out and the rubber was as hard as rock, as I am sure many of us have felt on old tyres. You have to remember they go off like this regardless of whether they're on the bike or not. Just imagine if you were looking for a replacement tyre and you grabbed a tyre with rubber like this from off the rack. I'm damned if I would buy it even it was $30...

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Originally Posted by rickard919 View Post
When you see the cords popping out of the tire you need a new one. I won't run that long on the front one, but rear, why not?
Once the rubber is that thin, you're at high risk of a blow out. I say change em before you see the cords. Tires come with wear indicators, i always get new ones once it touches them.

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I change at the wear marks. Next time you change, take time to mash and push on a cupped front or a flat rear. It's about thick as a bicycle tire. Scary. The new RoadSmarts and the Shinko 007 are a little over 2 mm thicker on the rear and nearly 2 mm thicker on the front, then the average ST Tire. I think they should be called TS Tires for those who really rack up miles.

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I have Michelin Pilot Powers on the front a back. The previous owner (lawyer in his 60s) rode it pretty easy and told me the tires had about 5000 miles on them when I bought it. I've since put about 1000 on them and have had no problems at all and still have quite a bit of tread left. The front was very slightly cupped when I got it and you could tell he didn't corner too hard since the middle was obviously more worn than the sides. After about 700 miles of good backroad riding, the rear tire is rounding out and the cupping seems to have gotten better, or at least not gotten any worse.

Is there any way to prevent cupping?

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Originally Posted by cmurphy84 View Post
Is there any way to prevent cupping?

If it has already been done, it is safe to assume it is possible to do it.
On the other hand, if it has not been done never assume it is impossible to do it.
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