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Misses – Near Misses!

Work is 60 miles from home through some central Washington farmland. As I was passing some wetland, doing about 65mph on the '9'er, a Redwing Blackbird (slightly smaller than a robin) quartered toward me across my front, left to right, and ran into my right shoulder pocket. I felt like a shortstop taking a line drive to the shoulder. Hurts like anything and left the same red color mark I get when I spend a day shooting my M1 Garand rifles.

This is the first time I've been hit, but I've had near misses by a porcupine, a skunk, pheasants, chickens, and other small birds. My most potentially serious miss was with two cow moose in Yellowstone Park. Even with the headlight on them, they look like two dark holes in the night.

My father had a bad one though. He was riding his CB450 "Black Bomber" on a secondary highway. It was warm so he unzipped the sleeves on his leather jacket to let some air flow up his arms. Suddenly, he scooped up a yellowjacket who commenced to "sit" on him seven times. He later recalled what the auto driver behind him must have thought when the bike in front comes to a panic stop and the rider quickly sheds his jacket and throws it in the gravel, and is seen jumping up and down on it!

Well, hope all your's are "near misses".

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Late 60s I had a sparrow almost take me off my Norton whilst doing the 'Ton"
Clipped my left shoulder scary ****.


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I've collected a honey bee down the collar of my jacket once, that was fun.
Lately I've been attracting birds, big birds, little birds, fast birds, slow birds, everytime I go out I seem to have one of our feathered friends trying to get me. Last weekend I had a Dove flush from a tree on the side of the road then turn into the wind (30mph that day) and completely stall right in front of my face, in a helmet no one can hear you scream (like a girl).


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Back when I was young and dumb, I was riding my 650 Nighthawk at 100+, no helmet (circa 1985,) and took a big june bug right in the center of my forehead. Damn near nocked me clear off the bike! I had to pull it out of the indentation it left in my forehead after I stopped, and I had 2 black eyes the next morning. This was when I started wearing a melon protector, and have ever since, every ride!

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I am scared of bridges on the freeway commute to work now. For the last couple of weeks I have noticed increased pigeon activity. Last week one bird decided it would be a good idea to fly right in front of the bike, luckily missed the thing by about a foot. Now I tend to watch the underside concrete ledges, looking for possible "enemy bombers".

Faster, faster, faster, until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death…
- Hunter S. Thompson
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had a crow wack me in the helmet doing 70 mph the other day i had a bad head all day

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I had a bat nearly take me off my bike at 85 mph when he collided with my right shoulder many years back!

Some people live and learn and some just live!
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Milites Gregarius
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Two days ago I had a red-tailed hawk take off from a tree right in front of me and start to fly down the road in the same direction I was going about head high. When I got to within 15-20 feet it swerved to the right and I passed about 6-8 feet away. Not all that close a call but it seemed closer because that would be a pretty big bird to hit.

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I had a buzzard fly right across my handlebars once. He was sitting there while all the cars went by and decided to take off and fly across the road when I got there. Thing was as big as my bike too. I'm glad I didn't hit it.

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might be a good idea for all your nature loving folks =]

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i've taken a few birds to the chest/shoulder... but my best 'near miss' in about 30k lane splitting miles has got to be taking a side-view mirror to the shoulder. it was attached to a full size work van. i was focusing lower - my handlebars/mirrors/forearms fit underneath mirrors like these just fine, and by the time i was next to the van i was focussing on the cars ahead of it. but the right side mirror was sticking out way more than normal mirrors - it extended electrically. i was cruising up wilshire blvd underneath the 405 overpass (4-5 lanes each direction) between stopped cars at about 10-15 mph and boom. the mirror didn't budge - my shoulder bent out of the way. which is a good thing, because the alternative would have been getting knocked off the back of the bike while it kept lane splitting without me. but thankfully i was wearing my full leathers with shoulder padding, and that took the worst of it. and i added long mirrors to my list of things to scan for.

last one... a few weeks ago i was riding home through the canyon at dusk with my full helmet on, but shield up. i took a serious bug to the forehead at about 50... thwack! when i got home and took my helmet off, a monarch butterfly fluttered out of my beard. he was shaking a little bit, but that stopped after a few minutes and then he flew off.

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I had a glancing blow from a bat to my helmet one night. I think he was dive bombing bugs in my headlight.

Turkey Vultures taking off from the roadway right in front of you is scary.

I had a deer clip my rear tire. If I didn't swerve he would have t-boned me.

My worse though was a yellow jacket that got stuck in the crease of my pants between my thigh and my nuts. Thankfully he stung my thigh! When I got off the bike he was still on the seat and succumbed to a leather covered palm.

Plymouth, MI

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I posted about a turkey buzzard at speed. Seriously rocked my world. Shoulder has recovered now.

Worst I saw was years ago. Friend took a lump of coal that came off an oncoming truck dead center of the chest. He was bruised for weeks.

"Towards the end of the vid, it looks like she may have had a bafflectomy." - MarylandMike
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Milites Gregarius
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Do couches count or are we just talking animals?

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You can shoot a Garand all day long? Hell of a lot tougher than I.

HondaJim, does a Culvers burger heal buzzard hits? What direction is the LouKy crew heading this Sun?

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I was at a track day when one of the other riders took a large black bird to the neck just below the adams apple. He had just lifted from the tuck position going down the back stright and was setting up for a tight turn. It knocked him from the bike. The EMT guys where right there and plucked the birds broken beak from his neck. He was up on one of his other bikes in about an hour. I wish I'd had a cam-corder it was the funniest thing you ever saw since he wasn't hurt to bad. Racing leathers and helments work.

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