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Talking looking for a 9'er

Hi, new to the board here, and seriously thinking about a 919.

Just a little background: I'm 6'3, 230lbs. I've been riding for about three years now(not on my own bike, but a friends sv650 and sv1000s). I really fell in love with the 919 looks and also the 599's. I'm going to be starting the hunt for a nice used 919 in the next few weeks and wanted to hear some pro and cons for the bike. I've already ruled out the 599, just for the smaller displacement. Cuz I've been spoiled from riding the sv1000s, i've decided to go with the 919. One big factor for chosing the bike is that you NEVER see any here in San Antonio. EVER. i've seen a few 599's but i love the fact that i'll be somewhat original in my choice of ride. Also the inline 4. Anyone who has ever ridden the SV's know of the v-twin low power but i've always wanted to get an inline. Oh yeah i've been a lurker around here for over a month now. Finally got up the nerve to post. So help me find more reasons to love the 919,.......PLEASE!!!

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I'll say! I've only seen two 919's in San Antonio. One is an '05 owned by a guy at Joe Harrison, and then of course there's mine! Good luck finding one. As far as I know, none of the dealers are going to carry it anymore, because of lack of interest. If I hear anything, I'll let you know.
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So help me find more reasons to love the 919,.......PLEASE!!!
Boy did you open a can of worms with that question.
Boasting about the 9'er is what we do best.
I'll say, what is not to love about it?
Modding is simple but makes big changes.
Handling?, you ask, it does.
Has torque pull like a twin but not all of it, Has top rev like an inline 4, But not all of it.
It puts you right in the thick of it.
Commuter as well as play toy.
You get thumbs up from scooter riders to Harley riders to full fairing sportbikes.
Look at the Picture thread for Ideas.
There are a lot of nice bikes being posted.

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Originally Posted by 9one9 View Post
So help me find more reasons to love the 919,.......PLEASE!!!

2009 Honda Goldwing
Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul.
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Ok Im in Austin,and there is not alot but I know of at least six,couple are friend s of mine , (Isnt Joe Harrison a dealer) anyways Im sure between here and there and Houston you should be able to find one I used to sell bikes at Woods Fun Center in Austin and have few friends there ,and Central Texas Powersports so no worries we can find you one !! Its a great bike and your so close to such good riding. I hammer on mine and she never fails. str8

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If you are up for taking a road trip to get a helluva deal on a like new 919, the link that Ken posted above is one to seriously consider. His asking price is at $6900 and that includes most of the mods we all strive to eventually make.

If I was looking I'd be all over that one!

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Oh, and talk you into a 919 - just go test ride one if you can, you'll see!

It's a jack of all trades and a master of none (except the fun factor!)

Strong points:

- Time proven motor from the 900RRs
- The fit and finish Honda is known for
- The reliability/longevity Honda is known for
- It isn't crazy explosive power-wise like a lot of the current sportbikes out there. But it's got enought to make you wake up and say "holy sh!t" when you nail it.

Weak points"

- Being a naked, the wind can be a b!tch from 75mph on up.

- The suspension (widely considered the weakest link). Given your weight, you'd probably end up putting some heavier springs in the forks. I weigh 225 and was experiencing too much front end dive when braking and the front tire wanting to skip out somewhen going into less than smooth turns at speed. Granted, mine is an '03 which doesn't have adjusters on the forks so the newer ones might be a little better. I ended up putting 1kg Racetech springs and 15w fork oil in mine and it improved quite a bit.

- The famous exhaust stink. Because of the cool looking dual, undertail exhaust it makes the back of your jacket smell like exhaust. Theories for this seem to settle on the dead air space right behind the rider and the exhaust swirling in it. Most everyone has it, some don't. The only true fix for it is to put a 900rr header on it and a single can down low on the right side. In my opinion, it doesn't loomk as good as the duals, but it fixes the stink issue once and for all. And the guys running it report a performance gain over the duals.

- Can be somewhat "buzzy" at certain sustained RPMs while cruising. When stock this can result in your hands getting numb from the bar vibes. This can be easily fixed by switching to more solid, aftermarket bars like Renthals. I did and it was a huge improvement. Some guys report vibes thru the footpegs but I think that has more to do with improper chain adjustment.

That's all I can think of right now. Hope it helps in your decision. Trust us, you won't be sorry if you buy a 919. And you have a virtual database of mechanical info and help right here!

It's a fool who looks for logic in the chambers of the human heart.
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Go for it!
The919 is the sweeeeeeetest looking ride you could ever wish for,i mean look at it its reeeaaaal pretty!
heaps of torque ,more than enough up top (i mean 0-60 mph in 3.22 seconds) if you want faster you obviously don't want to keep your license
Honestly though I have owned both the 600 and the 919 (we call them the hornet 600 and the hornet 900 over here) the 900 is all over the six in every way and after riding a tl 1000 for a while the 919 is just far smoother ,quieter and faster and of course the build quality is is HEAPS better than most.

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One thing that I really like is that where I'm a large guy (6'3 240lbs) when I'm riding it I don't look like a dog F$%king a football. I tried the smaller bike like the 636 and the Tripple and they just feel smaller.

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Originally Posted by 9one9 View Post
Hi, new to the board here, and seriously thinking about a 919.
So help me find more reasons to love the 919,.......PLEASE!!!
Im on my 7th month and its a great bike. Stop thinking and just buy it. Anyone I let ride always gets off with a big ear to ear smile. Fun factor 10X

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5'10.. and about 250lbs.. havent changed anything buy adding a givi windscreen and aftermarket bars (and a riser).. and while the suspension could be better it will reward smooth riding in the corners.. if you wanna stuff it and squirt it thru the corners.. get a full on sport bike or be prepared to spend the money on better suspension compnets (actually probably have to do that even if you get the full on sport bike)

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'02 Honda 919
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I bought mine on a complete impulse May 15th of this year. I never had a "working" motorcycle before it but believe me, I NEVER regretted buying it. I drove my buddies Gsxr's 750 and 1000 and ithey just weren't that comfortable. This bike is a great looker, solid performer and most importantly more comfortable than the sports bikes.


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Welcome. Buy it. Stay away from Mike.

"Towards the end of the vid, it looks like she may have had a bafflectomy." - MarylandMike
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mines for sale in east texas,2004 silver.10,000 miles stock.

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The 919 is the best value: sport bike with cruiser ergos. It's fine out of the box. Upgrades are personal preference and you'll figure them out after riding. To avoid bug splats and wind abuse it needs a large windscreen.

razorbike's list was thorough!

Yes the suspension needs an upgrade. The rear shock loosens itself, no wonder they are sold used for $15!

Slipons, and PC leaned out the pronounced snort and mine doesn't stink one bit!

Freeway buzz was remedied with AL bars, gel grips and a 17T crank gear.

The bike is a blast!

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Thanks Guys for all the imput. I knew there would be some many reasons to love the 9'er. I've seen a few in some dealerships(Cycle Country) but there is now way i'll buy a new one. I honestly dont think i have the patience to break-in a bike correctly. I'd end up doing more harm than good. But that was a pretty sweet bike though, but $6900 is kinda outta my price range.

i really want to get a damper and some suburban machinery bars, and rearsets for it though. I like the low look. But i haven't seen anybody here that has them. Maybe i need to do some more poking around. And even though the sato's look great, after dropping 5g's on a bike i couldn't afford any thing else for a while. So i might be using the hand drill when it gets to the garage. But I'm glad to know atleast there are a few people around SA with them. May be could get together and actually ride sometime.

But im heading out right know, with some of the SV peeps here in SA. http://www.txsv.com


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9one, if $6900 is out of your price range, I have a real nice 2002 919 with 13K miles I am looking to part with. Never been laid down, real clean and already broke in for you! $4500, obo. I am a little ways north, in Indiana. Let me know if you are interested....


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