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919 Specifications, Maintenance Tips, and How-To's


The most important adjustments are setting the correct sag front and rear. This should be done while wearing your riding gear. A good reference is
Motorcycle Suspension set-up.

The total travel on a 04' - 07' 919 is:
Suspension Front: 43mm cartridge fork; 4.7 inches travel
Suspension Rear: Single shock with seven-position spring preload adjustable; 5.0 inches travel.

The rear shock preload at 1/3 of 5" = 1.66" (1/3/8" is a nice round number.) You can convert to mm for a more accurate reading.
The front forks preload at 1/4 of 4.7" = 1.175" (1/316" is a nice round number)

I use a tie wrap secured around the front fork to get precise measurements. In fact I keep it in place year round to get readings from my spirited rides.

Rebound damping:
Once your suspension has compressed over a bump, rebound damping determines how fast the suspension can extend and keep the wheel in contact with the ground. Too much rebound damping will keep the suspension compressed when it should be extending to follow the road on the downside of a bump, and the wheel will lose contact with the ground. Too little rebound damping and the suspension will extend fast enough to push the bike up forcibly, giving it a loose feeling. Because rebound damping plays such a big part in how well the tire stays in touch with the ground, it gives you the feeling of traction and the confidence that comes with it.

The rebound damping should be set midway for starters, I found this adjustment to be adequate for street riding. You can play with it only after you have logged a few miles with the correct sag adjustments.

Do you want your 919 to turn in a little quicker without compromising stability? Raise your fork tubes.

Raise the fork tubes 10 mm as shown below.

How- To:
You don't need a stand to do this.
Just do one side at a time.
The other fork leg will keep it from falling down.
Loosen the top clamp bolt first, then the bottom. hold the fork tube firmly & twist a little as it moves up,Once there, snug the top bolt.
Finish the first one before moving on to the second.

Torque the bottom pinch bolts to 29 ft. pounds and the top pinch bolts to 16 ft. pounds.

It is now time to take your bike for a test ride preferably in the twisties.

NOTES: This modification should be used in conjunction with a 70 profile front tire. Greater than 10 mm, proceed at your own risk!!!

Renthal Ultra Low Handlebars

It is preferable to drill the locator holes for the left and right switch assemblies.

Remember, measure twice, drill once.

Another option is to locate the switch, twist it back and forth to leave a mark on the handlebar. Drill the center of this mark.


Position the handlebar and the brake lever to your liking. Slide the throttle assembly onto the bar. Position and mark where the locater hole will be drilled. Squeeze the brake lever. Make sure there is adequate clearance between the brake and the throttle cable assembly.

Clean and Shine Your Head Pipes
One area that may need attention are the header pipes. They may not only be badly tarnished but also covered with baked on road grime. 500 grit wet sandpaper followed by Mothers Mag & Aluminum polish works nicely.

Chain length calculations:
Stock chain length is 114 links however you might be able to use 112 links if you are running the stock 16/43 gearing. The wheel base is shortened which will quicken up the steering. There have been reports some 919 owners could not run 112 links. This being the case start out with 114 links. It is easier to remove 2 links rather than add 2 links.

Chain length can be pre-calculated by:
Taking the difference in the number of teeth being changed and dividing by 2.
(Round up or down to the nearest even link; a remainder of 0.5 would round down to 0 and a remainder of 1.5 would round up to 2)

Example(Stock 919 gearing 16/43 going to 15/45)
16 + 43 = 59
15 + 45 = 60
60 -59 = 1 div. by 2 = 0.5(Rounded down to the nearest even number)
Stock chain 114 links: NO change required

From stock gearing to 16/47 gearing
16 + 43 = 59
16 + 47 = 63
63 - 59 = 4/2 = 2 extra links or 116 links total.
Note: The 919 could get away with 112 links for stock gearing so theoretically 114 links would work for the 16/47 gearing.

From: stock gearing to 17/44 gearing
16 + 43 = 59
17 + 44 = 61
61 - 59 = 2 div. by 2 = 1 you could round up or down.
Note: The 919 could get away with 112 links for stock gearing so theoretically 114 links would work for the 17/44 gearing.

Chain Maintenance and cleaning:
Lube the chain every 300 miles using Maxima chain wax. Repsol chain lube also works well.

In any event which ever lube you use, the best time to apply it is after a ride when the chain is still warm. Spray the chain lube on the side of the chain that contacts the sprockets while spinning the wheel slowly.

Chain Adjustment Specification:
30 to 40 mm (1.2 - 1.6 inches) It's best to run the chain on the loose end of the tolerance.

Cleaning your chain:
Depending on riding conditions cleaning the chain will extend the life and the life of the sprockets. Every 3k to 4k miles are good time intervals. Remove the rear wheel and submerge the chain in a rectangular plastic tub of kerosene. Brush it clean then dry completely before re-lubing.

When its time to replace your chain, these chains come highly recommended:
DID VM Series Premium X-Ring - 530VM gold
DID ZVM Series Premium X-Ring - 530ZVM2 gold

Changing the oil/oil filter: 3.8quarts
We all know what a messy job this can be especially on the 919, the filter resides directly above the header pipes. Using a piece of aluminum foil, make a funnel that will catch the waste oil and direct it to a waste container.

No muss, no fuss, and no oily headers to wipe clean.

Lighting Specifications:
0.38kW/5,000 rpm Alternator Capicity
184 total Watts with the high beam = 48.4% of the Alternator Capicity
243 total Watts with a dual 55/60W headlight system = 64.2% of the Alternator Capacity

60W Headlight-High beam
55W Headlight-Low beam
21W x 2 Brake lights
5W x 2 Tail lights
23W Front turn signal
8W x 2 Front running lights
21W Rear turn signal
5W License plate light
1.7W x3 Instrument lights
1.7W Turn signal indicator


Fluid level; 155 mm (6.1") Recommended method!
Fluid capacity; 463 cc (15.7 oz.)
Pro Honda suspension fluid SS-8 or any quality 5w fork oil.

Removable Centerstand for servicing the 919:

One of the creative members from our WristTwister community has designed a low cost removable centerstand for servicing the 919. As you can see from the photo it connects to the factory centerstand lugs, facilitates removal of the backwheel, shock and swingarm. When used in conjunction with a jack under the pipes, the front wheel and forks may be removed.
Note: Does not work when evap cannister is installed.
Price $60 + $12 UPS shipping to most places in the lower 48.

Contact: phobman by PM on Wristtwisters or email him at [email protected]
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