1st crash on the 9 - Wrist Twisters
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Unhappy 1st crash on the 9

what a day... The last day before I move 500kms out of my college town, and as I turn into the parking lot of my building and ride slowly (5mph) to my parking spot by the front door, this guy doesn't look behind himself and rips out of his spot backwards and takes me out -his fuse was blown so I didn't even get brake reverse lights to swerve/brake early enough. man am I pissed.. the tank, gauge cluster, bars, stator(?) cover, headlight, signal stalk were all ripped off or damaged horribly. This was my first new bike and I worked my ass off for three summers to pay for the bike cash.... my insurance told me to call the cops, and we filled out a report, and then I had my friend bring the bike to the shop that I bought it (where the owner himself opened up the shop at like 7pm and promised it would go in for an estimate first thing in the am)... so now I wait for a phone call from my insurance some time this morning for more info. I wasn't at fault, and he admitted guilt, but it was on private property so who knows what could happen. As a student I could only afford one way insurance, so if this isn't covered the bike will have to be mothballed until I make some -according the the honda dealer, serious cash.

It just sucks so bad... we've had horrible non-stop rain for almost a month now, and the last two days have been so nice. now I won't have a bike for who knows how long. to top it off, Uhaul called today and told me that the truck that they had already cancelled on me for the 29th was okay for pickup -140kms out of town... I mean because of uhaul I've had to pay extra rent, since I was here the extra time the landlord also asked that I repaint the apartment since technically it's in the lease, and now the bike... so here I am bruised -both my body and my ego, at 3 am high on paint fumes wondering how I'm going to pick up my bike when I'll be living 5 hours away starting tommorow.

I was planning on taking the bike to pick up the moving truck in three hours from this post, then put it in the truck to drive back to my apartment, now I'll have to rent a trailer and tow my civic behind the damn thing so that I can move. ugh. on a truck that gets a whopping 8mpg unloaded...

anyways... I just needed to rant.. I guess if I'm lucky that I wasn't maimed and if I'm lucky the quote will be high (I'll need new bars, signal, cover, mirrors, tank, etc....) enough, maybe I can switch up to some cooler stuff like pazzos and renthral handlebars and rizoma mirrors....

So since all stories need a moral at the ending, remember just because you're home doesn't mean your safe... watch out for crazy people with no lights backing out of parking spots directly at you.

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Sorry to hear of your problems, but first and foremost, at least you walked away. By the way, raise hell when you go to pick up the Uhaul. Let them know how they screwed you and you should be able to get them to deeply discount their fee. They suck and they know it but they've basically got a stranglehold on the rental truck market.

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Milites Gregarius
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Bugger! Very glad you don't need a set of crutches or worse.
Here in the states if insurance doesn't cough up it'd be civil court time. It sounds like the guy should attempt to make it right.
Still, glad you're OK.

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Sorry about all the trouble. Sounds like the stars lined up perfectly wrong for you the last couple of days. I hate when things go wrong on a streak like that. It really tests your reserve. Keep on keeping on and work it out the best you can. Hopefully the move will bring you a streak of good things.

Glad your okay BTW. That's one good thing already.

"Towards the end of the vid, it looks like she may have had a bafflectomy." - MarylandMike
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red dirt girl
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I'm so sorry to hear about your accident.
I'm glad that he admitted his guilt, having non functioning brake lights.

Good luck getting moved.
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Tirone Choolaces
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Sorry about your misfortune James...what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. Glad you were able to walk away with just minor injuries. The fact that the guy admitted guilt is probably a good sign. If he tells his insurance company the same thing, they should pay.

Good luck with the move and the bike repairs.

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Franklin McGillacutty
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The most important thing is that your OK bikes,cars, houses, are things that can be replaced. I'm sure your ins. will help with the stuff part and if not introduce them to the F-in Laywer.

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So sorry to read of the incident, James. That really sucks. I hope everything works out ok with the insurance and getting her back on the road as painlessly as possible. Like others have said, thank goodness you're not hurt!

"The list is an absolute good. The list is life."

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That just sucks.

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Dude you may not actually know if your hurt for quite some time, don't sign anything to quickly. My two cents.

There's gold in them hills
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Good to hear your O.K.. Hopefully things work out in your favor.

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Hang in there. You'll rebound from this unfortunate accident. A lot of us have been riding for years and it just proves that we've gotta be on our game 24/7. The upside as mentioned by others on this thread is that you were able to a walk away to ride another day. Good luck with your move and you'll be back on your bike again soon.

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it really shouldn't matter if you're on private property or not, if the guy hit you and is at fault either his insurance or he has to pay, well at least in the states... and as for the truck, penske is a much better company, cheaper, longer lease time and no milage fees.

and like stated at least you're doing well...

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Sorry to hear about the spill. Sounds like the driver should make things rights in this case.

Glad that you were able to walk away from it though. It could always be worse.

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I am sorry to hear about the incident. I would've wanted to deck the guy before he even got outta the car, but that wouldn't help. Glad you are still walking though. Hopefully your insurance company will come through. Good luck and best of wishes.

Maybe I need to sign up for martial arts or something. I got a lot of pent up anger.

I'll come up there and hit him for you.

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