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LoJack Early Warning keyfob issue

Okay, so I dig my groovy LoJack!

I feel it was a sound investment that will pay for itself the first time the bike gets jacked. NOT something I want to think about, but a possible reality nonetheless.


I DO have issues with the Early Warning feature! For one thing, the little keyfob thingy always seems to go through more batteries than a freakin' meth lab! Really, the little red low battery warning light blinks all the time, indicating the batter in it is low. I even called LoJack and asked if this meant the battery in the keyfob was low or the LoJack's battery backup was low and was told it meant the keyfob battery was low. So, WTF??? I've only had it since early December and have already replaced the battery at least 5 times! Almost a battery a month! That wouldn't be so bad if Radio Shack still had their infamous "Battery Of The Month Club"! (Remember that? A free Realistic battery of your choice just by walking in the door each month!). Of course they would try to sell you a ham radio or CB while you there, but you just had to tell them "next time, sir" and they'd release their hands from your neck. (Oh, you weren't born yet? Sorry.)

SO, has anyone else had this same problem with their LoJack keyfob thingy? Hell, they should have called the bike unit LoJack but the Early Warning option HiJack because it demands of you that all your beer money be used on batteries, and takes control of your wallet (or purse, in the case of barton664!). A new battery every 3-4 weeks is just freakin' bullsh*t if you ask me!

Another issue with the Early Warning is how it will "false alarm" so often! Hell, I can be across the room boinking the ol' lady (oh, wait, I don't have an ol' lady!) or in a Starbucks (you have heard of Starbuck, right?) grabbing a cup of mud or something and will start getting calls from LoJack! I've even had calls when I was on group rides, and was never away from my bike! And to make the calls even more annoying are the fact that they will call you every 15 minutes until you actually LISTEN TO THE FIRST HALF OF THE CALL. If you hang up before the message repeats, it will call you back in 15 minutes! Then after an hour, it will start calling you every hour until you LISTEN to the first half of the recording. I even had 8 calls while I was on ONE ride (ringer was off).

So, does anyone else have issues with their LoJack's Early Warning System? Any way to disable it, since it was an additional option? Hell, I would rather just let the regular tracking feature do its job when needed. Screw the Early Warning. I've even got calls while I standing there washing my bike!!!

Do I be trippin? Are my problems just a result of the brain cells that were fried from heavy bong usage as a teen? Or do others have problems with their LoJack?

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I have absolutely had no problem out of my Lo Jack. Probably because it isn't installed. My motorcycle insurance covers all but $500 if it is stolen so I don't care to have Lo Jack installed. Plus...if someone stole it, I wouldn't want it back. Who knows what kind of thrashing it would have gone through. I'll just let insurance buy me another one if this one gets jacked.

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Seems like you have a bad fob... i had one (of two) that just stopped working for my van. Everytime i drove the van with my fob it would send us the emails that the car had been stolen. i put new batts in it and it still did the same thing. I had to call LoJack and convence them that i needed a new one. They didn't want to send me one claimed that the units were very reliable and i must have damaged it, etc. In the end i wore em down and they sent me a new fob for free. I'd call em up if i were you.

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Originally Posted by streakin919 View Post
Seems like you have a bad fob... they sent me a new fob for free. I'd call em up if i were you.
Never thought of that! Thanks! Yeah, I've already gone through 3 two-packs of batteries since early December! SOMETHING is not right.

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Smile Breaking News Flash! Unbelievable, too.

Yesterday I called LoJack and asked why the red "low battery" light on my key fob would blink so much. I told them I figured it was eating batteries, so in the 5 months I've had it, I've replaced the batteries at least twice a month! This is freakin rediculous!

The lady on the phone told me to do this:
1. Open the keyfob.
2. Remove battery.
3. While watching red light, replace battery.
4. Count how many times red light blinks.

Mine blinked 8 times...

She said that 8 blinks indicates a fully-charged battery.

"Oh, wait, maam, it's now blinking again..."

3 blinks, pause, 3 blinks, pause, 3 blinks...
(this 3x series repeated every minute)

She was baffled, and had to put me on hold for a few minutes while she tried to figure out what the 3 blink times 3 was all about. She came back on and said she needed to talk to her supervisor and would call me back.

She actually called back within a half hour! The good news was that she said her supervisor said that my key fob is defective and to mail me a new one right away. She said I should get it in the mail within days.

I asked her what the 3 x 3 flash sequence meant and she said it was an indication of a malfunctioning key fob requiring immediate replaceement!

I wanted to say "Well, DUH!", but instead thanked her kindly.

So, there ya go, I wasn't trippin! There IS something wrong with my unit! (My lojack keyfob unit, not that unit barton!)

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My Early Warning thingy didn't work at all after installation and LoJack hadda send 2 guys to my house to fix it. They replaced the whole unit before they left.
No issues now....but if they hadn't fixed it that day....I'd have had my money back...and they knew it.
It is purchased peace of mind for me and a perverse sense of ....go ahead and steal it....a***oles. ;-)

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