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Rides for Brisbane/Gold Coasters - Australia

In this thread, I'll be putting up a series of routes that can be enjoyed by those based in Brisbane or the Gold Coast - Australia. They are all of varying lengths although their common theme is a Smoko Stop and a Lunch Stop. Each route I'll try to cover road surfaces, enforcement as I've seen it, fuel availability and any little surprises along the route. If I have footage of part of the route I'll add that as well.

First Route: Yangan
Distance: 323km (201miles) + how far you live from start and end point
Google Map: Warrego Hwy to Cunningham Hwy - Google Maps

Ride Discription: Leaving from the outbound BP at Blacksoil at around 8am, you make your way out along the Warrego Highway to Mindin where you turn left at the bottom of the steep hill and head towards Tallegalla. Stay on this curvey road until reaching Rosewood round-about where you turn right. The speed limit out of town is 60 for quite a while, I suggest you stick to it as posted. From here we head into Laidley where there are two ways to get to Ma Ma Creek (the first stop). One way gets almost to Laidley Shops before turning left and heading towards Forest Hill (the ride route as presented) the other way by-passes the Laidley turn and makes its way through a couple of other turns until it meets the road coming from Forest Hill (I'll show this way in the Meringindan run). The Forest Hill option is taken here to enjoy the nice sweepers along the way to Forest Hill.

Just prior to Forest Hill you take a left and then follow the route to Ma Ma Creek. There are quite a few turns here so pay close attention to the route. What I do in these instances is have a piece of paper with distances and directions marked on it in my tank bag's map holder. For example, by checking the Google Map I can see that after turning left in Laidley and heading towards Forest Hill the next turn is left and is 6.1km away, the next then is a right at a further 4.6, then another left 6.8 further. So on my paper I would have:

6.1 L
4.6 R
6.8 L

Sometimes I might have a street name after the direction. Usually not. And Once I've made the turn I look at my trip meter and make the calculations mentally as to when the next turn will be. This method has not failed me yet.

Once at Ma Ma Creek 60 to 75 minutes later, the Village Store will take care of your food and beverage needs. The store owners of the last number of years have sold and the new owners took over at the start of July 2011. Toilet here is either behind the Community Hall across the road (every tree or water tank is a winner) or proper toilet is behind the church which you passed on the way into town - a couple hundred meters back from the store.

Leaving Ma Ma after a 30 minute relaxing stop, you keep heading in the direction you were going. Encountering some nice scenery and sweepers, be prepared for some bumpy road (and last time we did it a couple of road patches and single lane roadworks). It's not too bad, but don't expect it to be highway smooth. There are two Surprising bends where the radius suddenly decreases (5:10 and 6:43 in the first video). So no racing until you know the road, okay?

After the initial set of twisties the road opens to two lanes (an overtaking lane), and a few clicks further on is another smaller set of twists, Immediately after which is a Truck Parking Bay (Hirstglen, Hirstglen Rd - watch the first video to see how quick it comes up). Here we pull up for a leg stretch, smoke and some more chit chat with riding buddies. After a 10 to 15 minute stop here (remember, this is a relaxing ride so time is not so important), head off. A few clicks further is a Y-Intersection (the place of the Crash in the second Video - about 33km from Ma Ma Creek). You can keep to the left part, but This route takes the righthand road. It is a little straighter but is less traveled and gives you some time to switch off and just ride.

Left onto the New England and follow for around 17 clicks until Upper Sring Creek Road (this is where your little piece of paper comes in handy together with looking at your trip meter). From here on you weave your way through the countryside until you get to the Cunningham Highway. I've done this route like four times now and have encountered no other cars until almost at the Cunningham. A left onto the Cunningham and then a quick right a click ahead and some more weaving. Some cars do travel this section but not many. Follow the map and you'll be right.

Upon entering Yangan the pub will be on the right. You need to take the side road before the pub as the road the pub is on is right next to the main road through town and parallel to it. If you overshoot, never mind, you can come into it from the other side. Zoom in on the Google Map in Satellite mode and you'll see what I'm talking about.

The Pub is Never busy. You'll get there somewhere around midday. Either park out front or next to the pub (we park out front). They do have a Dining Area but we usually eat outside (though we once ate inside next to the woodburning heater when we did this in Winter).

Leaving Yangan you head back the way you came but do not turn off the road as it takes you right into Warwick. In the route I have us going to the BP to refill (take the left just before the BP and enter from the side road). But you can, if you wish, not head toward Warwick and head outbound (turn right) instead once the road from Yangan ends. Your fuel stop then will be the Matilda servo. At this point you'll have done around 220km. (There is fuel in Yangan but no premium and I feel with little use the fuel could be old, so better to get it from a higher volume servo like the BP or Matilda - there is a Freedom servo prior to the BP but they only have Ethanol fuels.)

After a tank up, just head on home. And when you enter Aratula, pull up at the BP for a warm brew, or cool drink as the case may be, and potty if you need it. It is this home run from Warwick to Ipswich you need to be on the look out for police. They often have speed cameras as you leave Warwick where it is still 60 but two lanes. And unmarked and marked cars patrol the section from where the Cunningham starts until you get to Cunningham's Gap. As you head down Cunningham's Gap, near the end of the single lane where it opens to two lanes, is a truck parking bay on the left. This is notorious for hand held radar traps. One time, after several warnings from oncoming riders, we took it easy and had a guy in a ute all over our arses. And he impatiently passed us one at a time as he was able. We kept waving for him to slow down but he didn't listen. When he reached the overtaking lane mentioned he had one bike to go, he jumped out from behind the bike and floored it. He'd no sooner done so when a cop walked out onto the road and waved him over. As we rode passed he had his head down and was shaking it side to side. Idiot.

Ma Ma Creek Village Store: (07) 5462 7050 (open 6am - 7pm, 7 days)
Yangan Pub: (07) 4664 8213 Yangan Hotel Motel Home

Videos: Both videos are from leaving Ma Ma Creek (B on the map)

Video 1: Suzuki GS500 on Mt Prosper Sweepers & Twisties - YouTube

Video 2: Honda 919 / Hornet 900 - The Crash - YouTube


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Second Route: Urbenville via Kyogle
Distance: 461km + how far you live from start and end point
Google Map: Yamanto QLD, Australia to Yamanto QLD, Australia - Google Maps

Ride Description: In summary, this route starts at Yamanto McDonalds, heads to Rathdowney for first stop, on to Kyogle for fuel and small stop, then through to Casino, take the road to Tenterfield, turn off and head up to Urbenville (stop at nearby Tooloom Falls optional).

Meeting at Yamanto McDonald's with your riding buddies, fuel is available as well as some Maccas brekky if you desire. Leaving at around 8am you head Under the Cunningham Highway, travel through Peak Crossing, left at the Round-about in Boonah and follow the road until its end at Rathdowney - turn left to head to the Rathdowney General Store. On the way to Boonah take it easy as police are known to patrol this stretch in marked and unmarked cars - more often later in the morning and afternoon, but it pays to enjoy the ride.

Exiting Boonah and heading toward Rathdowney, the road changes several times. From two way lined road to unmarked and thin bitumen where passing cars need to put a wheel in the dirt. There are numerous speed limit changes too. But I have never seen any enforcement on that stretch. Ride to conditions and you'll be fine. Just be aware that when you come down the hill from the Maroon Dam turnoff, at the end of the straight where it bends to the right the road over the bridge has a giveway sign on your side. Look ahead for oncoming cars. Also, a few minutes before reaching Rathdowney (maybe 15 clicks to go) there is new surface. It is lined and everything. But at the end there are speed advisory signs marked as 60. After these signs is a bend, dip and bridge, so take it easy through there until you know the road. And take it easy in the 60 zone around there too - it is reduced to 60 to slow you down for the small series of twisties.

At Rathdowney, which you should arrive at somewhere around 9:15, there is a General Store and opposite, a park with toilets. We usually get a Small bite to eat here, a cuppa, toilet visit and also wet down some paper towel to give the visors a bit of a clean - they usually need it by then. Rathdowney Police station is right near the General Store and sometimes they do RBTs on passing vehicles on the main street at the Tourist Info Center. But this usually is not in operation at this early in the morning. It's also a good time to ask the store keeper how the road is to Kyogle.

Riding out of Rathdowney you head back the way you came but stay on the road. This is the Mt Lindesay Highway and it takes you through some lovely scenery and a nice little set of twists. If you are unfamiliar with this road, take it easy. Some of the bends come up on you sudden, some have run off from morning dew and some may or may not have gravel or leaf debris. Riding through there throwing caution to the wind is a sure way to come off. Not saying not to enjoy the twists, just be aware sometimes those things are present. So keep an eye out.

After crossing the border, marked by a cattle grid, you'll encounter some more twists, better road surface and different vegetation. After an overtaking lane you reach the turn off to the left. This intersection has a small shelter-like-thing on the corner. Locally we call this "the bus stop". Pull up here to regroup if you are spread out. Then, once regrouped, head down Summerland Way all the way to Kyogle. This is full of sweepers with one small bend also having a dip, near the start of Summerland so be warned. After that, it's all good.

Prior to Kyogle you'll reach the small town of Wiangaree. It's a 50 zone. Advice here is, do 50, then 70 when advised. Cops love this place.

You're only a short stint to Kyogle where coming into town you'll have a Caltex on your left and a BP on your right. Use either. Both have premium. Take a breather here. 15 minutes or so should do it. Then back on your bike and keep riding right through town. The goal now is to get into Casino and follow the signs to Tenterfield. Once you turn right at the last round-about in Casino and are heading out of town toward Tenterfield, you'll hit some nice sweepers and a few short twisties along the 44km stint until the next turn, which is a right hander onto Woodenbong Rd (part called Bonalbo Urbenville Rd). At this intersection is a rest stop with toilet. Feel free to pull up for a leg stretch and toilet stop as Urbenville is about 60 clicks from here.

The road from here gets bumpier in places. But there is little traffic and the scenery is really something different. This road goes through open farm land and through some rainforest which just ends abruptly (one second you're in thick rainforest, the next it is finished). If you just wish to go right to the pub, when you get into Urbenville, turn right and the pub is right there and you'll get there somewhere close to midday if you didn't dawdle or closer to 1pm if you did. If you wish to visit the falls, turn left instead of right and about 3km out of town you'll come to Tooloom Falls Rd on your left then a click or so of dirt until the falls.

Fuel is available at the General Store across the road from the Crown Hotel in Urbenville, if you need it.

From here, you head to Woodenbong - the road is somewhat bumpy. And then right at the T in Woodenbong and back onto the Mt Lindesay and back down through the twists you rode earlier in the day, stopping at Rathdowney for a leg stretch if needed. My route has us go back the way we came from here with a Fuel Stop in Boonah (BP servo). But if you live elsewhere in Brisbane, you might be best to go home via Beaudesert where there is also fuel available.

At over 400kms for the day, this ride really isn't for the person new to riding who has no Ride Stamina. But it is well worth building yourself up to it. And the Crown Hotel does some quite good food for a good price. Good value for money. Their selection isn't vast, but you're sure to find something to fill your void. And the publican and his wife are quite amiable.

Rathdowney General Store: (07) 5544 1142 (Store was previously closed but has reopened with new owners. Open 6:30am to 5.00pm on Weekends. Similar hours weekdays.
Crown Hotel: (02) 6634 1213

Video: Video 1 Honda 919 / Hornet 900 - Bicycles & Waterfalls - YouTube

Video 2 (shot by riding buddy on the same ride) VLOG024 Border Ranges Ride.mp4 - YouTube

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This is excellent work. I wished I lived in AUS so I could do some of these rides. Thanks for taking the time Michael

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Third Route: Bunya Mountain
Distance: 466km + how far you live from start and end point
Google Map: Blacksoil Queensland, Australia to Bunya Ave - Google Maps

Ride Description: Summary - leave Blacksoil around 8am, ride through Esk to refuel at Cooyar, on to Bunya Mountain Cafe for lunch, back the same way you rode out, refuel at Crows Nest and then back through Esk to be back at Blacksoil somewhere around 4pm (depending on the length of your stops).

The outbound BP at Blacksoil has a wildbean cafe so grab a cuppa before heading off, if you're so inclined. Now here you have a couple of choices - Stop at Esk for morning Tea or ride through to Cooyar for first stop. Cooyar in one hit is a two hour stint so we stopped at Esk for a break. We stopped at the Enigma's Cafe in the Colonial Plaza. They give 10% discounts to motorbike riders but you have to ask (remind them). There is also a toilet available here, ask for the key from the cafe staff.

From here it is back a little the way you came, 240 meters from the cafe on the right is the Esk Hampton Rd (signposted to Crows Nest & Toowoomba). Follow this through the twisties until you get to Ravensbourne where you take a right some 29km after getting onto the road. A quick left then right and you're on the road to cross Perseverance Dam. The stretch of the road is quite nice and only has two surprises. First is a decreasing radius corner at the turn off to Lake Cressbrook - the left hander is the top of a rise (up bend down) and is signposted as 50 so look out for it. Next is after crossing the two dam bridges. In the short set of twists that follow is also a decreasing radius tight left bend (6:45 in the video, but you'd be coming the other way). (Note, on the way back (as you see in the video), the bend after the first bridge is misleading, so take it easy.)

When that road ends, hang a right, ride through Crows Nest and follow to Cooyar servo for fuel. If your bike cannot run on premium, call them before the ride to make sure they have some. Here is a general store as well as servo. Hot chips, chicko roll, coffee, toilet, you get the idea. It's also a good time to stretch the legs as this leg is close to 90 minutes from Esk.

Leaving Cooyar head back the way you came and roughly 5 clicks out of town is a road to the right, then around 6 clicks further along that road is another right and you're on your way to Maclagan - has a general store with standard unleaded (though servo around the corner has premium but might not be open on weekends). Just out of Maclagan is a road to the right. Take this and then another right 16kms further on. Pretty flat countrside around here. So can be a tad boring, but it's still better than being on a highway (wink wink).

Follow up and into the Mountains. As you do so you'll come across numerous watercrossings/floodways. Unless it has been raining they will be dry. Then as the road steepness increases it also narrows and there are a few hairpin bends. But the scenery here is spectacular. From typical Aussie gums and the like this makes way to Rainforest. And it is here where things Can get a little confusing. As the road you're on kind of ends, take the left fork, then around 3km later you'll come across a TeaRoom and small roadlike thing on the right - this is the road to the Bunya Mnt Accommodation Center and also the road to take to the Cafe.

You can have lunch at the Cafe if you like. But be warned their kitchen burned down some months ago so all they have available is pies, suasage rolls, tea, coffee and hotchocolate. You might find better fair at the Tea Room back on the corner.

From here it is back the way you came. And after heading back through Maclagan when that road ends it ends at a sharp bend - take it easy or you'll be forced to overshoot the corner and ride into the runoff area. And once you get back onto the main road just out of Cooyar you'll be wanting fuel. You can either ride back into Cooyar for a refill, or do like we have done and ride into Crows Nest instead. The servo at Crows Nest only has standard unleaded (the nearest premium from here is at Highfields just out of Toowoomba - which we've been to on other rides, then riding back along the Esk Hampton twists from there, but this adds distance and time to an already longer ride). Having refilled at Crows Nest ride back the way you came earlier in the day, over the dam again (remember what I said about the tricky corner between dam bridges) and head into Esk . This is where you have some other choices. Stop at Esk for a breather, ride through to Wivenhoe Dam for a stop at their coffee shop, continue on to Fernvale bakery instead, or ride back into Blacksoil and continue on home.

The only real enforcement to watch for is coming into Esk from Fernvale. They usually hang around on the northern side of the town though and I've never seen them on Esk Hampton Rd

Esk Cafe: 07 5424 1415 Enigmas Cafe, Restaurant | 24 Hours Breakfast, Coffee, Dine In | Australia
Cooyar Servo: (07) 4692 6107
Bunya Mountain Cafe: (07) 4668 3131 Bunya Mountain Getaway - accommodation and tourism (call to make sure the cafe is open - yellow roofed building seen at very start of video)
Bunya Forest Gallery & Tearoom (07) 4668 3020

Video: (leaving the cafe and heading home)Honda 919 / Hornet 900 - Bunya Mountain Run - YouTube


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Great areas to ride. They look like quiet country rides where nobody is in a hurry. Clear skies, good weather, great rides.

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Awesome work Mister, I shall have to add to this column, we are in the best riding country there is.

I come from the land Down Under, Where the women blow and the men thunder!!
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Originally Posted by nalla View Post
Great areas to ride. They look like quiet country rides where nobody is in a hurry. Clear skies, good weather, great rides.
There are roads that are full of... bikes - and - police - and - Rossi wannabes. *I* try to avoid those roads cause there is still good riding to be had. Just might need to travel a little bit for it is all

Originally Posted by rockdog32 View Post
Awesome work Mister, I shall have to add to this column, we are in the best riding country there is.
Thank you, rock. I see another Hornet rider near by.

I think I'll need to update this thread with some more rides...


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Fourth Route: Urbenville Via Queen Mary Falls (QMF)
Distance: 295km - 309km + how far you live from start and end point
Google Map: Option 1: Yamanto, Queensland to Yamanto, Queensland - Google Maps (via Boonah) Option 2: Yamanto, Queensland to Yamanto, Queensland - Google Maps (via Moogerah)

Ride Description: The short version is, ride out from Yamanto to Boonah/Moogerah for coffee, then to Queen Mary Falls for lookout / Falls Walk / snack, then on to Urbenville for Lunch (with a stop at Tooloom Falls if you've not been there before), then home via the Mt Lindesay Twisties.

With this ride you can, if you want, go straight through to the falls from the start. However, this is then close to 90 minutes in the saddle. I think it's better to take a breather at Boonah (or Moogerah if you go via the 2nd option). This way you are Fresher for the run up to QMF.

As always with riding towards Boonah, take it easy due to Enforecement. They're not usually active in the morning, but usually doesn't mean Not Ever. And if you are coming into Yamanto from the Brisbane side, be careful on the Exit Ramp. It is signposted 60 and I advise to do 60 cause cops Always sit at the end of the ramp, even early in the morning. And when you come around the last bend doing 80 or so cause the ramp is so so long, you ride straight head on into their radar trap. So, do the posted limit through there.

So, leaving Yamanto Maccas around 8am you once again head out under the Cunningham Highway and follow the road into Boonah. If you want coffee/rest at Boonah, then hang a left at the roundabout and either have it at the large Flavours Cafe on the corner, or ride past it, take the 2nd left, left at the roundabout and pull up in the main shopping street and have a break at one of Those cafes. We usually do this cause the Flavours Cafe when you first come in to town is full of riders and the time could be too long. (If you prefer Lake Moogerah and the Dam to look at, then ride straight through Boonah - straight through the roundabout - and follow the signs to Moogerah. This is the twistier option. Moogerah Cafe supposedly opens at 7am but we've been there in Winter where they open at 9am. If you left at 8am you'll be there close to time, if they aren't open, walk on the dam wall and enjoy the scenery before coming back for a brew - Last time we rode there the cafe had closed, might be open again now though as they were selling to new people.).

After your refreshment, mount your steeds and head out. From Boonah it is the same as riding to Rathdowney - but around 14 clicks out of town you hang a right. From Moogerag you follow the twisty road around the lake - we like this option but always seem to catch some ski boat being towed along. Both routes will eventually get you onto the same road. So follow the map routes I've shown to get onto Careney's Creek Rd. You'll encounter some quite nice scenery along this stretch and the traffic is low with zero enforcement.

Once you get onto the Head Rd and into the more rural areas, the stock fences are gone. So you May encounter cows on the road. Be aware. Also, there are floodways to cross. Two of them always seem to have water in them. So no screaming along there otherwise you'll get yourself into a spot of bother. It's along this section the road narrows and there are no lines. Take it easy for oncoming traffic. And when riding UP the steep hill, keep an eye on the right for a distance waterfall. After reaching the top of the incline, a little ways away you'll come to a Lookout. Pull up and walk the boardwalk for some snaps, or maybe stop in at the cafe there (I've never done so), or keep riding to QMF. The entire road along here is narrow in places and has some blind bends, so take it easy cause oncoming cars sometimes take up the entire road.

At QMF there is toilet fascilities as well as a small cafe. And a short 400meter walk to the falls themselves. It's a nice pleasant walk if you are so inclined. Otherwise, time for another breather. Don't go ballistic on the food here. Urbenville is not That far away, and you you've already had a snack at the previous top. So maybe a warm brew will do.

From here, keep riding out. It is posted at 60 and enforecement does Sometimes visit the area so keep your eyes peeled. A nice set of twists follows and there are some other picnic and falls walks along this stretch. Just right for families. At the end of the road hang a left and follow the road into Legume where you hang another left. And now it gets interesting...

At Legume you are turning into the Mt Lindesay Road - which eventually becomes the Mt Lindesay Highway. It is called a Road here because it is an abomination and not worthy of anything else. From here on it is bumpy. But what's odd is, it's not bumpy due to repaired holes. It's bumpy cause the road is so undulating and it's as if the road surface was laid right on top of the undulations. Do take it easy and the bumps will not be so bad. After around 12.5km hang a right to follow the road into Urbenville. The traffic is light but you do enjoy some Real nice scenery.

This road takes you right into Urbenville and right past the road to the falls. So do stop in on the way if you haven't seen those falls. Otherwise, the Crown Hotel awaits your patronage.

Following lunch it's through to Woodenbong and then down the lovely twists heading towards Rathdowney. You can ride into Rathdowney if you like but I have a sort of short cut routed in. It's slower this way cause the roads are Real narrow but the view is to die for. Otherwise, hit Rathdowney and head back whichever way is best for you - Beaudesert is around 30 clicks from Rathdowney while Boonah is around 50. this would be a fuel stop and at this point be close to 240km since the start. Remember, Urbenville has fuel if you need it.

Lake Moogerah Cafe: (07) 5463 0091
Crown Hotel: (02) 6634 1213


Video 1 - on the way to the Falls, leaving Boonah Suzuki GS 500 - Back Roads - Cows & Floodways & Grids OH MY! - YouTube

Video 2 - after leaving Urbenville Suzuki GS500 Vs Mt Barney Twisties Revisited, Mt Lindesay H'way, - Downhill Run - YouTube

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