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Brake light modulator rant

My friend just bought a Bandit 1200. It has some sort of swirly blinking modulator installed on the tail light. The bike is nice. The modulator is trash.

The first day I rode with him and his new bike I was completely distracted by his taillight. At idle with no brakes engaged the light swirls. Like a comet from a cartoon. When the brakes are applied the light flashes 5 or more times. 5 TIMES!?! It makes no sense. It's not helpful. If anything, it's a target for cagers. It doesn't support the normal-zombie-cell phone-makeup-txt msg driver. People can't hardly drive as it is. Adding a new piece of equipment that changes the pattern of what means STOP and your left with a person, in a 4000lb SUV, that no longer has a chance of missing you. And that is, IF THEY WERE PAYING ATTENTION IN THE FIRST PLACE!

His bike is the first I've ever seen with that type of modulator installed. But I'm against all of them. At the most, people may glance ahead as they drive. Some may glance and see your brake light flash. Some may only see your light be on, then turn off. To the average person that means: "Oh, they WERE hitting their brakes. Then they kept going". When in reality you're front pads are melting and you're standing on the rear because the person in front of you just got an awesome txt saying Michael Bolton is coming to town and SHE GOT FRONT ROW SEATS!

I drive all day at work (phone co.). I see alot of nonsense on the road. That's why I'm starting PABLM. People Against Brake Light Modulators. It's pronounced: POB-LEM. Like "Hey man you got a problem?" And I'm all "No. I said I'm with PABLM. And you, sir, have a shi**y tailight".

Thanks for listening.

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I'm not a fan of modulators either... front or rear because i think it brings a distraction factor into the mix... that is the people who are paying attention will be distracted by these things, as you mentioned.

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Tirone Choolaces
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They dont bother me at all....

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Smart A$$...

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Wow, had never really thought about the negative aspects of brake light modulators before, but after that impressive rant I'm totally against them! Where do I join PABLM?

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i like the fact that they can grab your attention but billboarding it to the point of distraction may not be a good thing....

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Blackrig, wish you had details on that gimmicky unit to avoid?

My HL/BL modulators from work perfectly!

Every time I hear the horrible news of a two-wheel brother getting taken out by an unaware cage on the road. I think what a shame the rider didn't install modulators, new bulbs, and a stebel airhorn, otherwise they'd still be here. Those upgrades are the best money I've EVER spent!

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My beamer came with one installed I ASSuME it is an aftermarket part, but it functions nicely in my opinion. It actually just pulses rapidly on initial press of either brake but flashes I believe about 5 times then stays solid as long as you don't let off the brakes! I like this because of the distractions, I'm ok with because if their distracted from talking on the phone and see me stopping!! WHORAY!! but the annoyance side of sitting at a light especially at night and that thing just flashing in my face would piss me off too! I understand what you mean about that, i believe someone here has one of those swirly brake lights on KLR

marylandmike that was funny!!!

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I have installed the P3 lights on my K12GT and everyone who see's them comment on how bright they are. They have a high frequency flicker at all times that makes the lights look like they are on steady state. With brake application they brighten way up and flash four times quickly and then four times slowly and then stay on bright until the brakes are released.

My biggest riding fears revolve around the uncontrollable things in lifeā€¦
other people (being rear ended/left turners) and mother nature (hitting a deer/elk)

So I do what I can to control the situationā€¦ brake light modulators, saddle bag reflective tape and no riding in the hills after dark.

My moto brothers, please let me know what else I can do to help alleviate my moto fears and I apologize in advance on my rear end light pollution, but remember it is directed at the cagers.

Rj - WQEU774
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Bultaco Metisse 250 project

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One of the first mods I did to my bike was to install a blinker/taillight integrator and brake light pulser.

My tail light as far as I was concerned was too difficult to see during the day. All red tail light on a red bike in hot sunny weather is hard to see. With the bike running the light is barely noticeable, once the brake is depressed you see the change but after that it is also slightly difficult to see and might be missed by a distracted cager.

Mine slowly pulses on and off, I don't think its annoying to others as it isn't blinking fast like that. It is actually a little slower than my blinkers I'd say. Oh and when I turn on my blinker the brake light pulser stops and just reverts to normal steady on, if that makes sense.

Anyway I think its way more noticeable than stock and safer, without being super annoying.

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