The cost of doing it yourself pt. 2 - Wrist Twisters
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The cost of doing it yourself pt. 2

Posted 01-25-2011 at 05:07 PM by beefsalad

The flip side of doing it yourself, is not always knowing the proper techniques required. The dirt bike has shown me I have a lot to learn yet! I thought it was a good idea to use chainwax on the dirt bike. It worked quite well, until I actually rode in the dirt! Holy crap, this is the only time I wished the chain had a clip for a master link instead of a rivet. I spent a TON of time trying to get all of the wax and dirt out of the chain today as a result.

Time spent because I didn't know any better is about 4 hours, out of 6 spent working on the bike. Imagine the time I could have saved, if only I knew exactly what I was doing!

live and learn. I'm pretty sure I pissed off a couple of Rugby teams during their practice. I mean after all, every bit of service requires a test ride to make sure things are in working order, right? Well the closest place to 'ride' happens to be juuuust on the other side of their practice field. I don't think it was me being there that bothered them, but I'm pretty sure the bike made it a little difficult to communicate.
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