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The cost of doing it yourself

Posted 01-19-2011 at 05:33 PM by beefsalad

So my dirtbikes shock seal was leaking. I'm not scared to tackle a lot of projects, and I dug into this one. Holy frustration! The staked nut that holds the internal valving in place has to be one of the biggest pain in the asses out there to deal with. I hope they've figured out a way to avoid this mess with newer bikes, and I certainly hope I don't have to rebuild my shock again.

I also learned that if you compress the rode while the dampening adjuster is out of the bike at a fast pace, you get a nice shot of oil out of the shock. It wasn't an intentional move, a bit of stiction was to blame. It was enough to make me stop working for the day and go inside, before I threw the shock in the trash and hit up fleabay. I got back to it today and wrapped things up. My knuckles are busted, I smell like silkolene, and I almost feel defeated.

The good news of the day (besides that bullshit being done) is that my neighbor stopped by and informed me that they plan on riding on Sunday. They have 30 or so acres with trails cut. I want to go, but the problem at the moment is lack of gear. As far as dirtbike gear goes, I have a pair of gloves. That includes tools that would be nice to have. I'm sure my neighbor will have them, but with my luck I'll be on the far side of their property and foul a plug. At the very least, I want a set of goggles and a helmet so I guess I'll be hitting up the shops tomorrow to see whats out there. I'm not sure if I'm gonna go cheap on any bits, as fogged goggles tend to suck. I'm uneducated when it comes to dirt bike helmets, so I'm hoping the dudes at the shop are going to sell me what I need and not what costs the most.

The final QA was pretty fun. Theres a large easement a quarter mile away. Just down the street and across a 4 lane. Being lazy and itching to ride, I just rode the bike instead of walking it there like a good citizen would. There's not much to hit as far as jumps go, but it's a nice open field and I can go WTFO for a few hundred feet before I run out of room.

A few attempts at keeping the front wheel up, and a hot lap around the perimeter and I called it good. Everything appears to behave as it should, and the seal is not leaking. The only thing left to do to the bike is an oil change in the tranny and the filter needs cleaned and oiled.
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    Oh, and I pray I never have to remove the shock again. I asked for blue loctite at the fastner store and didn't realize until I was putting the plastics on that it was f'ing RED loctite. ARGH!
    Posted 01-20-2011 at 04:01 AM by beefsalad beefsalad is offline
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