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riding the dunes

Posted 03-07-2011 at 05:49 PM by beefsalad

Man, what an amazing weekend. A weeks worth of planning to surprise my brother for his birthday and it went off almost without a hitch. The 1 hitch was I had set my gopro up before I left to start recording when it was turned on. By the time I made it to his house, the damn SD card was full and I could not for the life of me figure out how to clear it. Oh well, I got the surprise itself with my cellphone. I burst into his house in full dirt-gear "LETS GO RIDE FUCKER!"

He was willing to go that day, but after 6.5hrs in the truck, after 6hrs of sleep, I wasn't ready for it. My back was nice and out of whack so I wouldn't have enjoyed it much, if at all. Checked the weather late that night and saw we were to be expecting 30mph sustained winds. Damnit I thought. 6.5hrs one way to go ride dirt bikes, and it's going to be that shitty out? I resigned myself to attempting to find better things to occupy our time with than fighting the wind for his birthday and called it a night.

I woke up around 9:30 and the house is still. I tip toe around, amazed that my brother is asleep past 7:30. I grab my cellphone and check the weather. High for the day is 64, 13mph winds. Oh hell yes, we are going riding. About that time, my niece rolls over on the couch and says good morning. I ask her why her dad is sleeping so late and she tells me that he's already out and about. I call him up and tell him about the weather. I guess he got bored waiting for me to wake up, and had already started prepping everything. It was to be a family affair, but the wifes 4 wheelers battery was dead. That left us and my brothers group of friends to ride. Much to my surprise, only 1 other person showed up.

We grab a burger on the way out of town, and hit the sand hills about an hour later. There is 1 other guy on our pad, and he seems neither friendly nor hostile. Just the way I like it. No bullshitting, but I'm sure if we needed help he would have offered.

Bikes gassed up, gear on, and we have to back track to find the 1 other person, as the path to our pad is difficult at best to describe. Basically, it's oilfield lease roads. You have to know which turns to take, otherwise you end up in the wrong spot and it's miles of shit riding to get to the good stuff.

Anyway, I must digress. I'm not here to brag about the spot, nor my skills...to be honest theres better to be had in both departments. But what can't be topped is the amount of fun that was had, on my brothers birthday. We only rode probably 5 hours, but it was enough fun that I'm considering the 13 hour round trip again this weekend! Unfortunately, that won't be possible. I really need a 4 day weekend to do that kind of a trip and get a full day of riding in. It will come again soon though. I will be better prepared, and it will be more fun.

I'm reencoding videos now to something I can actually watch/edit (h.264 @1080p kills my machine) and may post some up here. Otherwise I'll just send my brother his copy and archive the rest. It all depends on how much of a bitch it's going to be to chop out the scenes I want.
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    I've never ridden dunes. That's so "foreign" I can't imagine what that's like. Takes a bike with pretty good power, from what I gather.

    Here in So In, we have the 3 Rs. Rocks, ruts, roots. My lightened, uncorked KLX does surprisingly well. Dirtbike with a license plate, what a concept! The highlight of my day was riding thru a big ol culvert that goes diaganally (did I spell that right?) under I64. My friend says it's a 1/4 mile long. I don't know about that, but it is loooong, that's for sure. Beware the slime on the concrete on the north side. Slicker than ice with oil on top!
    Posted 04-05-2011 at 09:27 AM by Sniper Sniper is offline
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    My brother was out there on his YZ125. I was out on my CR250. My brothers buddy was out there on a YZF450. None of us had any problems with lack of power. Lack of traction though is just a given. Turns go slowish, if you go fast you'll dig in and highside. Go too slow though, and you are going to fall over still. Probably the biggest trick is keeping your weight back on the bike, to keep the front wheel up. To really 'go' on sand, you stay on the throttle and lean back to keep the front end light. The front tire basically slides over the top of the sand when you are doing it right. It's definitely a weird sensation, it feels a lot like riding on 2 flat tires to be honest. The good news is, sand is relatively soft. Unforgiving if you disrespect it, but still soft I got to witness a guy crash, his front end dug into the top of the hill and he came off the ramp nose down. One thing you don't want to do in sand is land front wheel down (remember the whole stay on the throttle, keep the front wheel up thing?) He disappeared over the top of the dune and a short second later there was silence. We bolted over and the guy was taking a dirt nap. After he came to he brushed the sand off to reveal the damage. It looked like he tried to do a pete-rose slide on 80 grit. From his chin to his belt-line was sandblasted. It's a ton of fun and now you've got me craving a trip back!
    Posted 04-06-2011 at 02:12 AM by beefsalad beefsalad is offline
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    I did some sand whilst i was in Fla last week. Riding in rutted sand isn't much fun, but the flat stuff isn't bad. It's definatly different. I only had to pick the bike up once, in the middle of a stream, of course. All in all, it was fun and I'll go back sometime.
    Posted 05-03-2011 at 01:42 AM by Sniper Sniper is offline
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