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Getting reacquainted

Posted 10-18-2011 at 08:24 PM by beefsalad

After having spent nearly 4 months on the road in my cage, I could not wait to get back in the saddle. I new my baby was in the garage, full of gas and sitting on the battery tender waiting for me upon my arrival. I no sooner than walked through the door and threw my gear on the ground, called my folks to let them know I had made it home, than I found myself in the garage doing my pre-flight check. Granted, I took a shortcut or two, I wasn't planning on a marathon ride. Oil level checked out fine, tank was full, tires responded with a solid thud when kicked, chain was within eyeball tolerances. Off I go for some food. Things were as I expected. I was excited as hell to be on her, but showed her the respect she deserved else she'd kill me in a heart beat. Just a quick trip to grab some food and back. Enough to appease me for a little while. Back to the house to unpack and prepare for my next trip. 300mi of "I HATE THIS DRIVE" for a days worth of work, back home for a few days, then the same dreaded trip for yet again only a days worth of work. Now I have some real time to focus on my baby. She's gotten the full once over. Tires are properly filled and balanced (there is a whole other story there.) The chain is tensioned properly, the bugs still where I left them months ago.

My first adventure took me mostly north. I ended up at the Canyon Lake Dam, but didn't find the inspiration to get off of the bike and enjoy the lake. The sun was going down, and it's getting to be that time of year where the deer start getting stupid. I turned back and started towards town taking my usual routine. "The sun is over there, so I should need go that way." I'm always assuming the road continues in the direction it starts. I found myself at the corner of some "Farm to Market" road (it's a texas thing, look it up if you don't know) and an unmarked road. A BBQ joint was on one corner, and having not touched Texas barbeque in a while, I couldn't resist the urge to stop. The lady running the place was quite nice. She even let me sample some of the other meats that I did not order, without asking. I started to realize that the sun was dropping out of the sky quicker than I anticipated so I whip out the phone in search of "the path" home. Not necessarily the fastest, but I didn't want to get all twisted around and find myself at the base of the lake again. Low and behold, river road looks to be on the twisty side of things, and my phone puts me close to it. I consult with the lady in the BBQ stand and she confirms, I'm less than 150' into it, but into it regardless. 14 miles of "ohh lala" that I find out is more relaxing than balls of fun. You see river road criss crosses one of the largest tourist attractions in the area several times. During peak season, there are drunken assholes as far as the eye can see down the river. Mostly tourists, or at least people that are not truly locals. Very little respect for mother nature, even less respect for the people that live on the river, let alone each other. But, I digress. That little tirade was to inform as to why the speed limit is a maximum of 30mph for the entire 14mi. It drops to 20 at the river crossings. Alas, still one of my new favorite spots to ride! Why? Theres some scenery, enough signs to make me mad, but the ride is slow as can be without a single stop for the entire stretch. It twists and turns. At some points you forget that you are in a tourist trap, but in other places it slaps you in the face. Bah to the point Beef, TO THE POINT! I like it because, I find it to be a very relaxing ride! I can totally get lost on the way out there and find plenty of trouble to get myself into. But that's just it. Knowing the way the LEO are in this area, if they bust you doing what is "the most fun", you are going to jail and you are getting towed. Here, I play by the rules. I'm confident the locals appreciate it, even though I have yet to run into any type of LEO out there I'm sure they do as well.

I'm riding my bike for pretty much everything at this point. I can take the truck, but with 225k miles, a crappy stereo, and no airconditioning I would rather just take the bike. It works for just about everything besides grocery shopping, even that could be overcome. I'm slowly gaining my confidence back, as I get used to how it reacts to the different situations. She still runs like a top as I knew she would. The one thing I was worried about was the lack-luster performance of the front end. Before I left on my trip, I knew it was there, I felt it, and I bought the parts to hopefully correct it but I never got to it. Then I left. Well, I'm back and I'm feeling it again. I'm just having a hard time forcing myself to tear into it and do the work. I'm also due for a valve check. But...but... I missed my baby!

I guess it's coming to that time where I am going to have to force myself to cage around for a little while, assuming it takes me more than a day for these projects. I guess I could give her a bath too, she deserves it. She treats me better than any women I've had in my life, I should treat her with the same respect.

Yes, I'm still talking about my 919 here.
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