Damnit Jim, it wasn't epic! Even worse, I'm now frustrated! - Wrist Twisters
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Damnit Jim, it wasn't epic! Even worse, I'm now frustrated!

Posted 11-05-2011 at 05:38 PM by beefsalad

We didn't hit the sand hills, only the trails closest to my brothers house. It was still fun, but having not been on the dirt bike in 4 months, I tired quickly but kept riding anyway. We both made it home in one piece, neither of us even dumped our bikes (pretty sure that's terrible english, sorry.)

After reevaluating my schedule, riding today would not have been a good idea. I fly out tomorrow morning, and have next to no clean clothes at the moment. Home now doing l laundry and waiting for my pet-sitters TO ANSWER THE DAMN PHONE. Talked to them last night, and they were like "keep us informed on where you are so we will be home"

Texted them this morning, "I'll be home by 6, will be ready to drop the dog off shortly after" No reply, his phone goes straight to voicemail, hers rings 3 times, then drops to voicemail. I'm being picked up at 10am, and they are rarely out of bed before noon on the weekend. I would feel really bad just dropping my dog off in their back yard, but I may not have a choice.

Why have a cellphone, if you never fucking answer it?
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