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A wish

Posted 07-07-2011 at 07:24 PM by beefsalad

I wish I could blame my lack of updates and having too much fun riding, but that's not the case. I just haven't been inspired much lately I guess. I've dropped my bike since my last post, damn new rear tire slid out on me. No major damage, and just a small bruise to show for it. I guess I was used to the center of the tire being slick (was warn past the wear indicator) and assumed the sides would handle in a controllable manner. Dumbass me. Oh well! Lesson learned, and I lived to tell the lame story. I haven't hit the dirt in months, and it's starting to bug me. I also haven't been doing as much joy riding as I want either. Most of the riding is either the short trip to work, or to the closest cycle shop and back a few times a week, just to keep things in working order. Been on the down slope of lifes roller-coaster recently, and I have yet to see the bottom. Plenty of this is my fault, but not all of it. Fighting through it, I'll prevail as usual but hopefully it doesn't kick my ass too bad.
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