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A heck of a ride (in the dirt)

Posted 02-12-2012 at 02:23 PM by beefsalad

I sponsored a buddy of mine at the dirt bike clubs lease (clubdbsa.org, in case anyone here in san antonio wants to do trail riding) yesterday and had a blast. There was a group of 8 or so on this ride. As usual, I had my camera(s) rolling, and caught some of the calamity on tape. The guy that knew the property best was leading us around. He was trying to cross a small (short and barely wider than a quad) and the mud sent him into the drink. Fortunately, we were able to pull his bike out. A short while later, my buddy fouls a plug. Fortunately, I carry a few tools and a couple of plugs on me when I'm playing in the dirt. A couple minutes later we were on our way again. Another sponsored riders bike was in sad shape. It was pissing gas out of his overflow tube from the beginning, and never stopped. He fouled the plug he came in on, a brand new one I gave him, and finally 'killed' the plug recycled from my buddies bike. Fortunately another one of the group was on a drz450 and was able to pull him back to camp. Amidst the calamity of the fouled plug, our group got seperated from each other. There was the main group, the guy with the fouled plug and his sponsor...and at one point me by myself. I ended up falling off in a corner and being pinned between my bike, the ground, and a branch stabbing me in the back of the leg. Fortunately the branch wasn't sharp, but it was hitting a tender spot. I was able to get both legs under the bike, and push it up enough to get out from under it. It's times like that, you really need a buddy behind you. Had my leg under the bike been another inch towards the back of the bike, I would have been stuck there, off of the main trail by just enough distance that I couldn't see it. I think I'll stick with the group from now on, unless I know for sure the path between the two. Where I screwed up was trying to be creative, instead of taking the known path. Oh well, live and learn! Yesterdays video will eventually get chopped up and published unless one of the other riders wants me to post the entire ride. On that note, time to research if youtube has an upload limit. I already have my max time limit removed, so I can do uber long videos if I so choose.
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